Ode to the Topwater Fanatic

I love to fish.  If you are reading this- you know that already.  

Fishing takes up a huge part of my time- in the summer I fish as much as I can.  At times I average 7 fishing outings per week.  That being said- not all fishing is created equal- some fishing styles are downright boring in my opinion.  What I am here to tell you about- is my favorite style of fishing, topwater.

Topwater fishing encompasses a huge array of different lures and subtypes.  Flyfishing for instance is a great style of topwater fishing.  I generally only fish topwater even though I know I could catch more fish by changing my methods.  Sometimes fish want jigs, or worms, or cranks, but I persist.

Topwater fishing includes - dry flies, poppers, plugs, buzzbaits, walk-the-dog style baits (spooks), jitterbugs, frogs, rats, ducks, etc.  Anything that floats on the surface and that does not dive.  


Now, I have basically two reasons why this is my favorite style of fishing and in my opinion the most fun style of fishing.  Reason one, unlike other lure types you always know when you've had a bite when fishing topwater.  There is no way to mistake a bite when fishing topwater- unlike a crankbait or jig or anything else subsurface where a bite and a submerged tree can feel very similar.  Knowing when a fish is actually interested in the lure, even when you don't hook the fish, makes the entire experience more enjoyable.  I don't mind as much getting skunked when I at least know that some fish have bite at my lure on the surface.  I stay engaged when I know that the fish are aware of what I am casting at them.

The second reason why topwater fishing is so enjoyable- because it is downright action packed.  Even a small bass smashing a topwater lure can get my heart racing, and I've had it happen countless times.  I love seeing fish shoot out from the bank or behind cover and then making a beeline for the lure.  The sight of a huge V wake shooting towards your lure is awesome.  Sometimes big pike and musky will follow a topwater lure and their fins will be out of the water they are so close to the surface.  Almost as if a shark is following a seal on the surface.  


I have two different favorite lures for fishing topwater- depending on the location and species that I am targeting.  If I am fishing in a river it means I am fishing for smallmouth bass and musky.  In these situations I LOVE to toss a 3 inch Heddon Zara Puppy.  My favorite color is redhead (which is completely white with a redhead) with a feathered trebble replacing the back hooks that it comes with.  Sometimes when I am feeling frisky I will throw on a 5 inch Zara spook to get the musky going.  If I am fishing in a lake then I am fishing for largemouth.  My presentation on topwater changes when I hit the lake and I usually go with a Booya Frog Jr. Pad Crasher in leopard coloration.  

This year I want to branch out and try some new lures to change-up my topwater game.  I am looking to buy a floating duck and rat type lure to have fun and challenge myself to catch fish on something other than my tried and true favorites.



Go, get out, and fish.

Topwater is absolutely delish.

It's a righteous blast,

Fishing that's fun and always fast.

Wait, twitch, wait...

Then smash.

Fish on. Fish on.  Flash,

The camera clicks.

And the fish leaves you with a final splash.




As always.  




C'est la vie.  

Pura vida.  

Carpe diem.