Exploring the Upper Peninsula

I've now lived in the Upper Peninsula for 5 years.  I am still not a Yooper, although I try to tell myself that I am.  I throw out, "Eh" as much as I can, but it still doesn't truly work.  I've lived in this town for 5 years and I am still experiencing new fishing spots directly outside and close to my home.  


It's amazing to me that I am still finding new spots- as I've scowered google.com/maps for hours and looked at all of the fishing booklets.  Even with all the time spent researching places and all of that- I still am discovering new fishing holes, lakes, streams, and rivers.  


I love fishing and exploring and that is mostly all I've been doing this summer.  I have been having a blast.  My current kick is to go to a lake, or section of river, that I have never been to before and create a video detailing my journey.  It's enjoyable for me- and hopefully the people watching are enjoying it as well.  


One thing I think everyone should do is put away the tried and true favorite locations and hit up some areas that you have not been to in years or maybe ever.  It's quite an experience just going somewhere new because the truth of the matter is that sometimes it just doesn't work out.  But, when it does work out, it is awesome.  Trying a new location is great because the beauty of the Upper Peninsula is everywhere and if we get stuck going to the same places over and over again we will forget about the joy of finding a new place and we will lose the sense of awe of our nature's beauty.


Recently I've gone to Lake Mary, Lake Ottawa, Dawson Lake, Paint Pond, and the Michigamme River.  All of these locations were really new to me- and they were all major successes.  Even if I only caught a few fish, they were still successful in adding another location to my repertoire.


As always.  




C'est la vie.  

Pura vida.  

Carpe diem.



Below I am going to link a few of the fish I've been catching- nice fish- some not so big, but pretty and full of life.  See you guys next time. 

First fish on my new rat lure.

Big and beautiful

My personal best walleye