Hello there!

My name is Benjamin and my sweet wife is Melanie (note picture below...).  I fish, I paddle, and I explore new waters. On the rivers and steams that I fish I am a musky/smallmouth connoisseur.  I make it my goal to fish as many days of the spring, summer, and fall as I can and I am constantly exploring new waters. On the home-front my wife is a professional photographer and editor while I dabble in videography (see YouTube videos for reference). I have a newborn daughter, Arabella, who hopefully will be a little fisherwoman herself.


You’re probably here to get to know me as your fishing guide. So here goes - I love to fish. I am a strictly catch and release fisherman. I love spin-fishing and fly fishing equally and enjoy doing both when situations allow. I fish as much as I can for smallmouth bass and musky - usually I am fishing from the comfort of my sit on top Jackson Coosa kayak. When I am not kayaking, I am either on my fishing raft the Stealthcraft Hooligan, or wading the waters and finding new spots to explore. I am calm and encouraging and will push as hard as I can to get my clients in the right position to catch fish. I truly believe catching a musky (especially from a kayak or small fishing raft) should be a bucket-list goal for all serious freshwater anglers. 

We live in a quaint and scenic corner of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with an abundance of beautiful lakes, rivers, and streams within minutes of our home which provide excellent options for fresh water fishing, kayaking, rafting, and exploring. The water’s of the Upper Peninsula hold untapped potential for excellent fishing - musky, smallies, walleye, pike, and trout. While I enjoy fishing on lakes and ponds - my true joy lies in fishing remote rivers and streams that receive minimal fishing pressure.

I am a teacher by day but a fisherman, guide, and conservationist by nights, weekends, and summers.