Nigh a personal best.

Fishing treated me well today.

Absolute chunk of a Smallmouth.

Actually I've been treated well for the last past few weeks now.  Catching smallmouth, walleye, largemouth, musky, and trout.

Tonight was no exception to the great angling days of the last few weeks.  I showed up at my favorite river got in position and on my very first cast I hooked into a sweet 20 inch long smallmouth bass.  

Now, I realize that in some lakes and large river systems of the states that a 20 inch smallie is not considered a "monster" sized fish... but here in the UP, in our small river systems, this fish is considered a filthy pig.  For those not familiar with fishing lingo... a pig is a very large fish, a filthy pig, well, that's a truly remarkable fish.

The largest smallmouth that I've caught in the last 5 years is 20.5 inches and this fish tonight was nearly there.  Half an inch from my personal best fish.

My personal best fish from 4-5 years ago.  A true 20.5 incher


Below I have some pictures of the fish and a few others that I've caught over the last few days.  Also I broke my walleye personal best; however, that's not nearly as exciting as smallie fishing.

A decent walleye I ran into.  First of the year.

The first musky of the year.  I didn't get a measurement, but it was at least 30 inches.  Probably a bit longer.

Decent largemouth caught this week.

A nearly 10 inch brookie caught this week.

Just putting some positive fish juju out there- let's hope June, July, and August are as good fishing as the last week has been.  Unless I am in Alaska, in which case, hopefully the salmon and halibut are on fire.


As always.  




C'est la vie.  

Pura vida.  

Carpe diem.